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We Sky Cleaners Ltd is the Best Kindergarten Cleaning Service Provider Company in Auckland.There are 3 vital elements for cleaning success at any school, child care centre, or educational facility:

  1. Cleaners
  2. Consistency
  3. Communication

We understand that with child care centres and kindergartens, cleaning is more than tidying up and making the centre look nice. The most important aspect of our job is to ensure we leave the centre in a hygienic state and not just a tidy state. As you know, germs can spread through children like wildfire. For this reason, bathrooms, eating areas and play areas require our thorough attention at every single visit. In fact, wherever the little ones can get their hands require a thorough disinfect every single time.

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Regular Cleaning Services

The highest level of anti-microbial sanitisation of all areas at every visit.


Bin Cleaning

Bins need to be cleaned frequently to stop the spreading of germs.


Window Cleaning

Thorough cleaning of all indoor and outdoor glass. Removing the germs spread by little figures on a daily basis.